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  • Convert to sound null safety.
  • Add dark mode.
  • Add initial WebSocket API.
  • Fix server socket binding on Android (reported by @omarzia88, issue #6).
  • Fix CSV export on Windows (reported by @omarzia88, issue #7).


  • Ensure new webhooks are listed through the /simulator/webhooks REST API endpoint.
  • Fix up responsive scaling for smaller displays.
  • Fix up duplicate webhook triggering on manual event update.
  • Add support for scheduled event injection at run-time.
  • Add support for self-contained Docker image and Kubernetes deployment.
  • Add support for prometheus metrics.
  • Add support for API Key generation.
  • Extend ExVe model with Fleet APIs.
  • Add ignitionStatuses, fuelLevels, doorStatuses, highBeamStatuses, headlampStatuses, parkingBrakeStatuses, and windshieldWiperStatuses endpoints to ExVe API.
  • Update to version 1.2.0 of the REST API.
  • Add support for automatic transmission types.
  • Correct a bug in fuel tank capacity parsing and the resulting consumption rate skew.


  • Split event updates into sub-topics nested under the vehicle ID when publishing to MQTT.
  • Add SAE J3016 automation level support and notification webhook.
  • Add support for vehicle event export direct to CSV.
  • Fix fuel consumption rate calculation.
  • Allow Webhooks to be configured directly from the simulator UI.
  • Add journey_begin, journey_end, and driver_changed webhooks.
  • Include driver ID in event data model.
  • Add brakePedalPositions and automationLevels to ExVe API.


  • Preparation for null safety (disabled by default, until all dependent packages have been migrated - currently blocked by dart-kafka).
  • Make Event logging configurable.
  • Addition of /simulator/notification REST API endpoint for delivering notifications to the simulator.
  • Convert the HTTP server to use the new shelf framework.
  • Additon of webhook manipulation and ISO 20078-2:2019 Extended Vehicle (ExVe) APIs, corresponding to v1.1.0 of the REST API.


  • Initial release.